Beyond academic excellence, Chokhmah International Academy offers a broad-based education by positively encouraging students to join clubs and engage in productive recreational activities from our extensive range of extra-curricular activities. Our current list of clubs and societies is :

  • Gymnastic Club
  • Debate Club
  • Choreography Club
  • Press Club
  • Drama Club
  • JETS Club
  • Road Safety Club
  • Language Club
  • Home-makers’ Club
  • Music Club.

A club where learners practice debate techniques, and public speaking. It will help instill boldness and self-confidence in the learners and as improve speaking skills.



This club educates young learners on how to behave while using the road,meaning of road signs,right age driving should commence in order to prevent road accidents.



The language Club’s goal is to promote an awareness of languages taught in the school such as French and Nigerian Language. This will help them appropriate the culture of the people where the language is spoken.

Math Gee Club
Math team gives students who enjoy and excel in mathematics an opportunity to explore math topics that extend beyond the curriculum taught in the classroom.


The goal of the math Club is to encourage student’s mathematical curiosity and help students gain positive attitude towards mathematics. The club will use math skills learners have learned in the school setting and transfer them to real life practical activities and problem solving tasks for mathematics competition.

ICT (Coding) Club
This club is for aspiring coders to become more involved in Computer Science and advocate Computer Science education in our community.

Children will develop their computer programming, animation and image/video editing skills using a range of exciting apps and programs

Music Club/Orchestra.
The objectives of music club are as follows:

  • To raise learners’ awareness on music.
  • To train learners on playing various musical instruments.
  • To train learners on vocals.


Drama Club
The club aims at helping learners to be able to express them self and to develop their talent.

It encourages learners to develop their acting skills and abilities and increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. Communication skill is also enhanced.

Through playing parts of different characters, learners understand other people’s feelings and emotions. Thus, they have a possibility to learn from their experience.

The drama club aims at discovering and developing learners’ public speaking skills in the field of performing arts. The club also aims at inspiring learners to be confident, charismatic, creative in thinking and in communicating their ideas, using drama as a tool for expressing themselves.
JETS is an acronym for “Junior, Engineers, Technicians and Scientists”. JETS Club engage learners in various engineering and science education programs that are designed to encourage students to pursue engineering and science based careers.


  • ·      To prepare learners for high level of reasoning, imagination, manipulation of data as well as judgment.
  • ·      To introduce learners to principle, techniques and practice of engineering.
  • ·      To equip learners with broad range of engineering and scientific skills that will be essential in future academic endeavour.
  • ·      Assists learners in building up their abilities to solve scientific and engineering problems.


Press Club
In this club, learners engage in the production and dissemination of news and things happening within and outside (nationally and internationally) the school community. Learners research and write stories to be presented during school assembly or to be posted on boards on the walk ways.

This will help the learners to build inter-personal skills as they interact with people in search of information. It helps the learner to build confidence and self-esteem. It inculcates the interest of journalism career in them. Learners writing and speech skills will also be enhanced.