Dear parents and friends,
Welcome to Chokhmah International Academy, a school like no other. It was envisioned to raise a crop of students who are excellent in character and learning, to chart the right course for generation that is drifting into an abyss of decadence.

With the myriad of schools thrown at the faces of parents, the challenge therefore is that of unmasking the veil from what it conceals. Do not be inundated by it, for the dilemma is over. CIA is the right choice for your child/children.

At CIA, our word is our bond, the Academy epitomises diligence, intelligence, excellence and teamwork. Our curriculum is effectively structured and pedagogically planned to help pupils/students acquire 21st century skills for global citizenship. We provide holistic education in a well cultured and disciplined environment.

With CIA, you can never be wrong.

Sandra  Charles Kenechukwu

Head of School Administration (Secondary)