“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence”. – Robert Frost.


Education, as it seems, is not what happens to you in the rooms and halls of any institution. People see education as examinations passed or failed, qualifications held or dropped, doors opened or closed. We tend to see education as a means to an end, a piece of paper that births wealth. We almost never think of education as a journey of awakening in itself- just as a ticket to something else.

Truthfully, you can be termed uneducated if other people’s opinions make you angry all the time. The outcome of education should be the realisation that “Difference is the essence of human behaviour”.


Chokhmah, Hebrew word for wisdom, teaches her learners the importance of individuality. No one’s opinion is truly more important than another person’s . We bring forth series of team builders who complement their weaknesses with team members’ strengths, having in mind that a person may be a wonderful intellectual in some fields yet truly a novice in so many other fields.


Education is simply the ability to get enlightened without feeling superior nor inferior.

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